Native iOS App - What is the Most Efficient Method of Building?

Hi, I just want to check what I’m doing is right.

I’m building a native iPhone app and the screen width is 320.

  1. What is the best way of using for native apps? What I mean is - it’s quite painful on such a small working area to show and hide groups - the screen gets totally crazy and if I set some things to not show on page load just so I have a clearer area to work with, I have to keep showing and hiding all the time.

Is there supposed to be a set way of doing this so that I can work easily on one native ‘screen’ at a time?

  1. What would be the best way of building a native iPhone app and a web app at the same time - maybe build the web app first, make it responsive, and then copy the various groups from the responsive app into the native app project or can I copy a whole project or something? There’s another answer on here that mentions building both in the same project - is that what I do - so the web app would just ignore the native screen page or something?


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What I’ve had to do is essentially create two apps, native mobile and desktop. They share a database (using that of the web app), and the native mobile app uses API connection to send/retrieve data