Bubble Native Apps

I’ve been trying to find guidance about native apps. What configurations do I use, etc. I need a video that could explain everything.

Hey @marc.vykhopen :wave:

Bubble will be releasing a true native app builder soon, but it’s not publicly available yet. I think it is still in Alpha/Beta testing right now.

You can currently wrap an app using a few different plugins, like BDK, but they aren’t true native apps yet.

Not talking down on BDK, but you will not find updates or support for this wrapper at this time (see post here). Your best bet is something like https://buildnatively.com.

Also, Bubble is currently working on their own Native features (like @J805 has said). So maybe you want to wait until then to implement (but there will be bugs I assure you).

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I’ve had a glimpse of the alpha. It’s kind of awesome. I’m sorry to say it will make the app wrappers obsolete.


I am not sorry about that. I am glad Bubble finally will do it the right way. :blush:

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+1, and while there’s no official ‘release date’, they seem confident that the beta testers could deploy apps in the next few months, and given the scale of the technical challenge, the new UI concepts specifically for mobile behave how you would expect they do in Bubble (with all the quirks that entails!).

I’m more positive on mobile native now I’ve seen it, as before I was just a bit indifferent to it - what’s the point of a PWA when it’s just a website (yes, I know there are some distinctions but you know what I mean). Bubble native on the other hand should make it fairly easy to deploy mobile companion apps to existing web apps that feel like proper mobile apps.

They’re doing a good job, we wish we could share details :joy:

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