Question about Page and Group height for native app

I’m working on a single native app (groups are shown/hidden to display pages).

Some pages (groups) need to scroll while some pages need to stay static.

I’ve found in the post below what seems to be a solution: All page (groups) are set to the height of the longest page, and pages that don’t need to scroll have an empty group at the bottom of the content that is collapsed when hidden.

My question is, what should I set the index page height to in order for this to work?

Example dimensions:
All pages (groups) height = 1200px
Non-scrolling groups content height = 750px
Collapsable group height on non-scrolling group = 450px


Set it to be as high as needed in order to house everything.

Don’t worry. There are Bubble pages in the tens of thousands pixels high. Only the groups that you conditioned to be seen as needed will be visible. All the others will collapse when hidden :grinning:

Okay got it, thanks @cmarchan

One more question… should the collapsable groups be visible on page load?


It is good practice to have them all be hidden on page load and selectively make them visible :grinning:

Faster page loading :fire:

hey guys! thanks so much for the info, it is helping me a lot. Just a quick question, should the group that colapses be inside of the original page or inside the group ( page ) i want to show?