Native Time Zone picker in bubble or Plugin?

Hi everyone,

I’m could not find a native time zone picker in Bubble is there one? or do we have to use a plugin?
Could you recommend a good free plugin, if possible?

Thank you

You can use the native one.

This link should help:

Hi thank you for the answer.

However I do not see anything related to time zone

I haven’t had to do this (yet) on one of my apps, but you may be able to achieve what you want through the “formatted as” action. It would look a bit like this:

You can express to always save values in GMT+0 for example, and then use a user timezone preference when displaying or using that data elsewhere in your app to convert it into their own timezone.

Sorry, I’ve just briefly had a quick look at this implementation and it will not evaluate as a date and therefore won’t save in a field where the data type is date.

I might be wrong, but I think it just saves the date and time in the datepicker - you could add some logic whereby the user preference for timezone is then factored into it. For example if a user has expressed that their timezone is GMT+2, you could save the date as “Datepicker’s value - hours (2)”.

Having never had to play around with timezones I don’t know if there might be a better way of achieving this, but the above solution would work, it will just require that you build some timezone handling into your workflows (and where you display the data).

Thank you very much! I will try that and let you know.