Nav bar will sometimes appear on page load, and other times will not appear at all

Can’t work this one out, seems to be random behaviour - my nav bar sometimes appears, like below:

But othertimes it won’t appear at all, as seen here:

I’m using re-usable nav elements and I’ve also noticed it for the logged-in state, although less commonly. This behaviour happens almost every other page load.

On some pages, the nav won’t appear at all.

I have a feeling this is because the nav (for some reason) only appears after a few workflows have taken place, and this somehow prevents the nav from appearing sometimes (I did the ‘step-by-step’ debugger, and sometimes the steps don’t seem to complete).

Any ideas? Can’t diagnose this one out!

Hey @pc001 :slight_smile: In the Header reusable element, are you trying to show Group A (within Group C)? It looks like the other groups within the Header are empty (Group B, Group D and the Group D’s within it)?

It may be easier to have a single Header reusable element, and place the logged in and logged out groups both within that same Header element (overlapping each other). Then set the reusable Header to always be visible, and set conditions on the logged in and logged out groups within it, to adjust their visibility based on whether the User is logged in or not. Feel free to let me know if you’d like me to help set this up!

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Yep you’re right - I built the nav at the start of the project so it was pretty messy! I’ve cleaned up the nav and have 1 light and 1 dark version, with the logged in + logged out navs within the same group. I’ve applied conditionals on the groups and it’s working great!

Still not sure why it wasn’t working properly, maybe it was a conflict of workflows or something?

Thanks for your help!

Awesome! :slight_smile: And that could be! I’m not 100% sure if I’m remembering correctly, but I think when the Header element was shown using a workflow, the group containing the elements within it was not made visible? So even when the reusable element itself was shown, the group with the navigation elements within that header was hidden?

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