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Ghosting effects, headers overlapse

Hello everybody! I’m currently working on my app and I struggle with a problem: basically when I refresh, or just navigate to the home button, or I log out, I have a few seconds of overlapping of the 2 headers (logged in, logged out). Is it possible to avoid this and make visible just the right header according to the status of the user?

My workflow settings are just: “When the user is logged in, this element is visible” and “When the user is logged out this element is hided”, for both headers.

Hey Robert :slight_smile: Are the logged in and logged out groups visible on page load? If you uncheck that option for each group in the property editor, I think only one will become visible depending upon the logged-in status of the User.

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Thanks for the fast reply! I tried to uncheck the box and now it hides the element, even though it should show according to the workflow rule. Probably because the rules are working on the Header as one thing, then, internally it checks what to show or not to show.

However, even if it would work, I can still see that fraction of second of, in this case, appearence (instead of overlapping) and than disappearence. Like it takes a little bit to load, and than it sets everything up according to the settings.

Is it probably that somewhere, there is a default 300-400 ms of delay?

Ouch, I was editing the reusable elements, and not the headers which I directly had deployed. Now it works properly!

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Awesome! :slight_smile: Glad it’s working as you need it to!

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