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Navbar/header problem

I am creating navbar for my learning app and I have a problem.
I want to create navbar, that when the resolution is less than 1080pixels one group disappears and I have a hamburger menu instead.
I installed the slidebar menu plugin.
I created such a nav bar and added a condition:

how does navbar react?
if the resolution is higher then everything is ok.
If the resolution is lower, the whole group disappears, but the height of the navbar increases, as if the links and buttons were arranged in two rows

it’s the same on the index page. How do I keep the navbar height the same? Then I will add a hamburger menu and won’t have that much space on my phone

ok, I found this video:

so this solve the problem.
So I have other question, I am noob about frontend and responsive, do you have some tips or “must watch” videos that can help me to build my first app?