Navigate button from different breakpoint

Im using icon as the button to navigate. Can someone please teach me how to create a workflow to navigate that button with different breakpoint.

If user comes from page4 to page3, it will use go to previous page workflow
But it will take different workflow for page3 to page2 or page3 to page1

Current problem:
user will redirect to page4 from page3 if they come from page4 (workflow- go to previous page)
user redirect page4 >>> page3, but they cannot redirect from page3 to page1/page2 based on their starting point (workflow- go to pageā€¦ only specific to one page and cannot use different breakpoint)

Target to solve:
page1 >>> page2 >>> page3 >>> page4
page4 >>> page3 >>> page2 >>> page1

page1 >>> page3 >>> page4
page4 >>> page3 >>> page1

It is possible to create button that can run both cases? buttonBack at page3 is the main issue, they need to redirect user based on different starting page (page1/page2), and this buttonBack must not got to page4

Appreciate if someone can help with the video explaination. Thanks :love_letter:

I feel like it would be simpler if you used URL parameters or paths to navigate forwards, and then buttons to go back are simply browser back buttons.