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Navigate to Specific URL Path?

I see it is now possible to get a path from the URL, but is it possible to navigate to a specific url path?


instead of

Yes, you can then extract the “Value” from the URL when you get to “Home”.

Right. I understand you can extract the path from the url. But how about the other way around… navigating to the path.

From can you navigate to ?

Thanks in advance.

Is something like this what you’re looking to do?

Thanks for the link. After reading that post, I don’t understand what’s being accomplished. Although I’m a bit tired so I may have to look at it again tomorrow.

If you navigate around your Stripe dashboard you’ll see when you click on a menu item, the url path changes to that menu item’s title.

For example. If you click on “Customers” the url changes from to

It would make for a cleaner app if you could change the path. That way, when you navigate to another page, and then use the back button, the path would automatically show a specific part of an app (instead of states, when aren’t saved once a user leaves the page.)

Not a huge deal. I am just curious.

*Edit: My apologies, I misunderstood your question. I don’t know how to set it up where the URL changes based on what is clicked, similar to Stripe.

Yes, Bubble doesn’t care about the “/value” if “home” is an actual page.

But to get it to do this you need to do “Open External Website” which is somewhat annoying.

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