Navigating to different pages using an Option Set Based Side Menu

I have a side menu that is using an Option Set for the Navigation Items such as Home, Dashboard, Profile, etc. So instead of specifying the available tabs in the Design Editor, there is a repeating group that references the Navigation Option Set.

I know how to make it work with a Single Page App where the workflow consists of sending the user to the right group container on the page via the URL Parameter navigation method. This is working fine.

But the app I am currently working on is not an SPA and instead uses different pages and I can’t figure out how to setup the workflow where when a user clicks on a different Tab in the menu, they are taken to another page, not to a group that is conditionally shown on the same page.

Create a slug field for each option set that is url friendly

Go to external link

This url[current cell option set slug]


This is great Chris, thank you very much, works like a charm. I did add a Link element into the entire parent text field and then setup the external link routing within the link emenet.

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