Assistance with Multipage App Navigation Setup

Hey fellow Bubblers!

I’m currently working on a multipage app and could use some guidance on setting up navigation. I’ve created a menu using parent and sub-parent option sets within repeating groups, but I’m having trouble linking my pages with the option sets and activating the necessary workflows.

How can I link each menu option to its respective page and trigger the relevant workflow. Can anyone provide step-by-step instructions or share insights on how to achieve this efficiently?

Cheers Rallis.

Easier is just use multiple go to page workflow actions where you point directly to the page you want to go to, and use a conditional with your option set value based on which option the user clicked from the RG menu.

Alternatively, you can add to the option set an attribute for page name and make sure it is the same as the page names, then in workflow to go to page use the dynamic page option and set the value to the option sets attribute for page name.

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Thanks! :grinning:
I got the navigation to work now.

I´m also using the toggle function to open my repeating group who display the sub-pages. Do you know how I can’t prevent the toggle to collapse when navigating to a new page?

I usually build so that it will collapse the menu once a user clicks a choice.

Also the group focus element auto closes when clicking outside of it.

@boston85719’s approach is better UX but if you still want to override the toggle behavior on a new page, use a URL parameter (and on each page load set the toggle to the parameters value if present)

Is it really better UX?

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have a visual representation of your current location in the navigation? Like the picture. You can go back and fourth between Question and Need Help without opening the “categories” every time.

URL-parameter sound like a good solution. I have never used them before. How should I structure them? And how should the workflow look like when I click on a menu item? :slight_smile:

The visual representation of the current location isn’t about URL parameters. That can be achieved using the option set @boston85719 mentioned :point_up:.

Structuring URL parameters is all about the use case but lots of material out there in the forum and on @petter’s site, etc. Clicking on a menu item navigate to page the user wants and adds the url parameters you want to send to effect the toggle you want.

Okey! I think I will stay with my option sets and my multiple go to page workflow actions then! :slight_smile:

Do you know which condition I should use to prevent the menu collapsing when navigating to a subsite?

Are you talking about a side menu to navigate within a single page like what a dashboard page might be setup as, or are you talking about a header navigation menu that is a drop down from the header and navigates the user to a different page from the one they are currently on when they select from the dropdown menu of the header?

The two are different and originally your descriptions were such that I interpreted it as you using a header with a group focus element as a dropdown menu for navigating to a different page.

If I was building a dashboard page and navigating the user to the same page but a different section, I’d be having a side menu that is always visible and does visually demonstrate to the user which section of the single page they are currently viewing.

I´m talking about a main menu (left side) like the one I posted picture of… Not a drop down header from the header.

But I´m making a multipage app and not a SPA. e.g. I want the submenu on the left side “My Profile” to stay open when you are pressing and navigate to “My Profile”

Skjermbilde 2023-11-21 kl. 09.47.56

Not possible because you are navigating to a different page so the left side menu will not stay open because that element and all other elements from the page will be gone as the user is being redirected to the new page and have to wait for all elements on the new page to be rendered.

However, you can very easily setup a system to visually demonstrate to the user which page they are on via the left side menu by using conditionals on the text elements to change properties based on a dynamic expression that is referencing the current page name and match that against the left side menu choices.

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Thank you. I’m attempting to mentally picture what you’re explaining. However, I’m a bit uncertain about the process, given that the menu is currently collapsed. Do you recommend emphasizing the parent menu—perhaps in bold—to convey that the focus is on this topic? Or do you have an alternative suggestion for achieving the same clarity?

Make it so it is not collapsed

Expand the menu to show the sub category that the page is for

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Thank you so much for your help! I will try that :grinning:

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