Single page app with option set repeating group menu on one of the pages

I am building a single page app using options sets and repeating groups. One of the main pages in the option group is a settings page. On that page I have another settings option set menu.

The main menu is set up with a custom event for the main menu option set, the first action is navigating to the main dashboard page.

How would I set up the second option set sub menu if I cant really redirect to the main overarching page? Would I need to somehow create another subheading url to then redirect those new pages to?

I have the menu working some what if i have it together and it only displays that group if the option set is selected but. I know that there is a more elegant way around it.

Thank you!

Essentially I have to get a working option set menu into a reusable element.

Use URL parameters.

For example, when a main menu item is clicked, you can add that to the parameters (

And when you click on a secondary menu item, it could be passed with another parameter:

You can do this by selecting ‘send additional parameters’ in the go to page action when a user clicks either of these. You can set the key here and define the text value based on your option set.

Then using get data from url in your conditions, show the relevant groups on the page

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Thank you very much for your help, ended up figuring it out with the get data from url, the path segments as list, last item.

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