Navigating to page with data of current cell in RG

I have a repeating group which displays data of multiple job posts. I want that whenever a user clicks on any cell of the RG, the user should be navigated to a page which displays the data of that particular cell. How to do that?

Follow this video:

It is helpful for a popup but what if I want to open a separate page ?

I’m sure that you could figure it out if you apply yourself and spend time watching all the training resources available to you.

Hi Sharma,

It’s exactly the same as sending data to popups, just using different steps.

Start by making sure the target page’s 'Type of Content" is set to the type of the data you are sending to it. Let’s say it’s called Job Post.

You can set this by clicking on the page itself and setting the content type in the property manager.


Next, select whichever element the user will be clicking on (i.e. group, button, etc) and choose Start/Edit workflow.


That will bring up the workflow editor. In ‘Click here to add an action’, choose Navigation and then Go to Page.

That will bring up the property manager again. Select the page the user should go to and under Data to send you should choose ‘Current cell’s Job Post’.


That should do it. You can display data for that Job Post on the page by referencing Current page’s Job Post.

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