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Send Current Cells "Thing" to Page

I have a repeating group containing a Data Type I’ve called “Bookings”. Within each cell of this repeating group are the Data Field values connected to their respective “Booking”. Each booking has it’s own unique ID (another data field). I have a button within each cell which when clicked, should navigate to a page to edit that particular cells Booking details (the data field values).

I figured that I could create a click event workflow which navigates to a page and send a URL parameter like ID = Current Cell’s ID But there is no option to select “Current Cell”.

Any ideas to get around this issue?

Is the data type of the Edit Bookings page: Booking? If so, you should be able to select “Current Cell’s Booking” when navigating to that page.

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It is, and yet I still don’t have the option in your screenshot.

This Edit button is actually within a group, which is in the repeating group (and consequently each cell). Could that have something to do with it? Is what I’m trying to do simply not supported?

Ok, figured it out. Your original suggestion sent me down the right path.

I changed the data source of the group nested within the repeating group to “Parent Group’s Booking”. And in the workflow… I targeted “Parent Group”, instead of “Current Cell”.

Thanks for the help!

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Yes, I think it needs to be within the cell itself. Or, If the data type of the group containing the button has the Booking as a field within it, you could select the Booking that way? But probably easier to move it if you can

Beat me to it! No problem at all! :blush: