Navigation in API backend workflow

I’ve developed a saml plugin that works in conjunction with a client’s servrer running a saml idp implementation. I’ve got everything roundtripping and working as expected but the last step has got me stumped. Essentially, I provide a callback url to the idp which is used to POST and auth response. The only way I can see to allow a POST to my bubble app is via the api backend workflow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that I’m able to navigate to a page within my app from within one of these backend workflows. Essentially, what needs to happen is after I receive the response, if the saml response shows that the user has a valid session and has been authenticated, I need to do a few things in my app and then redirect to the home page. But unfortunately, it just can’t figure out how to redirect after processing the response. Any help would be appreciated.



Does this help?

Perfect, that’s exactly what I needed. Everything is working now.

Thank you