Navigation not working in mobile browsers

Hello !
I have created a webapp that works fine in desktop, but in mobile browsers the navigation doesn’t work at all.

I have basically two pages: 1) index, 2) logged-user
Once the user logs-in in the index page, the app takes her/him to the “logged-user” page. This is working fine in desktop, but in mobile, the user remains in the “index” page.

Any idea on what can be the problem ?


Can you share a screenshot of where your logic occurs?


Those are the pages I have in my webapp, being “Index” and “logged-user” the main ones:

Index is where the sign-in/log-in forms are located.

Once the user logs-in this is the process that follows:

In google chrome (mobile) the user is logged in, but the navigation doesn’t happen.
In desktop it works fine.

Hope this is clear enough

Just in case anyone is interested : the only way I found to solved this problem was by using only page. This means that I had to move all the groups in my logged-user-page to a group inside index page and re-define navigation.
The elements tree got a little bit more complicated, but the live navigation works fine.
So if you want your web-app to be able to be used in mobile devices, think about the possibility of developing all your app in only one page.