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How to test if mobile version works properly

Suppose I have page name “Login1” for desktop and I clone to another page called “Login2”,

then cut something off and choose the Mobile Version “Login1”.

Am I doing correctly to let’s mobile user visit page Login2 instead of Login1??

But when I copy the link of page Login2 in test version and open it on google chrome on my smartphone it still shows page “Login1”.

How can I solve this? or it will be fine when the web is already launched?

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Hey @ihfdai :slight_smile: Are you referring to having one page for desktop and another page for mobile (that is a native app?). Or is the mobile page for when the web browser (desktop or mobile) is a certain width?

If you’re building a web app, I would recommend having one page and making the elements responsive using the responsive editor. This would ensure that the elements display at any device size.

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