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Necessity of an airtable two-way sync plugin

Hi guys,

We’ve been working with our clients and we’ve come across the issue that a very popular use-case is to have the databse in Airtable, but perform all the front-end actions in Bubble.

This can technically (to an extent) be done with simple Airtable plugin, but if there’s quite a bit of data, the loading speeds end up being very slow, there’s a limitation of 5 requests/second. You also cannot use basic Bubble native features such as searching, filterting, etc.

We’ve come up with a solution to have a two-way sync and implemented it already. It works so that once you update the data in airtable, it gets modified (or created) in the Bubble database. Likewise if data from a specific database in Bubble is created/modified, it is updated/created in Airtable.

We’re planning to make this into a plugin - would you find this useful? Or have you found other ways to overcome this?


Hi @rokas

We are looking to do the exact same thing. We would like to synchronize our Airtable database with Buble because Airtable is limited to 5 requests second.

When will the plugin be available?

Hi @crco.project

We’ve managed to make it work and made it a plugin now, but let’s say it’s in alpha stage right now, so probably needs a good week’s of work (so realistically may take about a month to release it).

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Sounds good, let me know when it is ready ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, is this plugin’s project still in alpha ?

I’m very interesting using it !

Rokas, how did you manage to 2sync Airtable and Bubble ?


Hello @rokas and @crco.project !

Did you manage to synchronise Airtable and Bubble’s databases ?

It would help me a lot!



Yeah, we 've managed to do it, but need a bit more time to put it into a friendly-to-use public plugin:)