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Necessity of an airtable two-way sync plugin

Hi guys,

We’ve been working with our clients and we’ve come across the issue that a very popular use-case is to have the databse in Airtable, but perform all the front-end actions in Bubble.

This can technically (to an extent) be done with simple Airtable plugin, but if there’s quite a bit of data, the loading speeds end up being very slow, there’s a limitation of 5 requests/second. You also cannot use basic Bubble native features such as searching, filterting, etc.

We’ve come up with a solution to have a two-way sync and implemented it already. It works so that once you update the data in airtable, it gets modified (or created) in the Bubble database. Likewise if data from a specific database in Bubble is created/modified, it is updated/created in Airtable.

We’re planning to make this into a plugin - would you find this useful? Or have you found other ways to overcome this?


Hi @rokas

We are looking to do the exact same thing. We would like to synchronize our Airtable database with Buble because Airtable is limited to 5 requests second.

When will the plugin be available?

Hi @crco.project

We’ve managed to make it work and made it a plugin now, but let’s say it’s in alpha stage right now, so probably needs a good week’s of work (so realistically may take about a month to release it).

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Sounds good, let me know when it is ready ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, is this plugin’s project still in alpha ?

I’m very interesting using it !

Rokas, how did you manage to 2sync Airtable and Bubble ?


Hello @rokas and @crco.project !

Did you manage to synchronise Airtable and Bubble’s databases ?

It would help me a lot!



Yeah, we 've managed to do it, but need a bit more time to put it into a friendly-to-use public plugin:)

Very, very, VERY interested.

I’ve managed to do a LOT of this leveraging a tangled web of direct API calls, the Airtable native integration, and Integromat. Would love a central source to sync the data, especially if it allows me to pick and choose the tables/fields to sync.

I also run the Bubble UI directly off of Airtable calls via the integration in many cases too (Airtable outages have caused problems in the UI because of this obviously).

Does it automatically create the same structure in Bubble, I assume?

Would love an update.

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Also very interested in learning more about this. We’re already using Airtable API calls to push changes over in real-time, having an app manage two-way sync would be better.

I’m glad to say that it’s live @ALB @paul30 @bastiendicristofaro @crco.project !