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Slot Booking / Calendar / Planning

Dear Bubblers,

I would like to add in my app a Slot Booking capability such as below:

Any chance to do that through Bubble ?

Thank you for your feedback !

Seems entirely doable in Bubble.

Hey, good to know,

can you give me some tips on how to do this ?

Thank you

There’d be quite a few different ways to do it and the best way really depends on the details of your project.

I think there’s some people in the forum who’ve created something similar. I’d search around and see what other people have said worked well for projects that were similar. Perhaps someone even has some “code” that they’d be willing to share with you to get you started.

Best of luck!

Ok thanks, I’ll see what I can find on my side as well.

Hi Kara, have you been able to progress on this already?

Hi David,

Using Full Calendar is pretty much doing the job.

Not everything is customizeable unfortunately but it is quite good.

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