Need a Bubble coach / consultant for quick one-off questions

Hi, learning Bubble so I can rapidly prototype ideas, currently working my way through nocode mba and it’s going pretty good.

But I’m running into some things not covered in those courses and not finding the answers on Youtube or even in these forums (i.e there’s a thread from somebody with the exact same issue I’ve been stuck on for days, it’s five years old and unsolved - and it seems like something very straight forward)

I’m looking for somebody who could simply field questions like this when I get stuck - email, quick zoom, etc, just bill me per question or by the hour, whatever works for you.

Based in Toronto, ET time zone.

Hello @mark40 ,
Can you please mention that issue here so that we can help you solve it.

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@J805 is a great coach

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Hey @mark40 :wave:

We’ve been coaching on Bubble since 2016 and would be happy to help out. We do Zoom sessions and charge for either a one-hour session or a two-hour session depending on your needs. Check us out: you can see our availability before booking a session.

Official Bubble Coach Profile: Coaching | Bubble

Hope that helps. :blush:

Thanks for the kind words @ambroisedlg :blush:

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I’d link to my last post on it but the last time I did that they froze my account and removed my other post (it was considered crossposting, apparently)

What I’m stuck on now is just making a ring graph using the Bubble chart plugin that reflects a single value from a single data object.

I have a thing, with a field called “DR”, in my page where I display the data for a single element of that thing, I want to put a ring graph with “DR” expressed as a percentage (it’s a value between 0 and 100)

That’s it. No grouping of data across elements, no searching up a bunch of matching elements, I know the thing already when the page loads, and just want to display a ring chart with that value.

Right now I have:

data source set to “Parent Group’s Domain” (domain is my data type)
Value expression Parent Group’s Domain’s DR :expressed as percentage

Nothing is appearing, my debugger says “Data source should be a list of domains but right now is a domain”

Actually, that’s how I want it to be because I just want to display one value from one data element in the ring chart.

These are the types of questions I will be bringing to the person I’m looking for.

add :converted to list

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convert the single data to a list…or use a grouping

Are you trying to have a ring that looks incomplete e.g 89% which is 89% of the way around the circle?

I’m not convinced that the Bubble ring chart is the right approach because you need two data points and it must be dynamic data types (I would’ve wanted to get the number:converted to list:plus item (1-number) to form the chart). Have you tried one of the circular progress bar plugins?

Thank you for the reply and @incomdies as well.

Pretty sure I tried that, and did again now - still nothing but I have an issue now (which I saw before) that says:

Line Bar/Chart A: Value expression should be number but right now it is a text

The DR field is a number, and the value expression is:

Parent Group’s domain’s DR formatted as percent

formatted as a percent means it’s a text (89% is a text, 0.89 is a number).

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George, yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, I understand what you’re saying about needing two values.

I had no idea there was another way to do it, but a circular progress bar, sounds like that could fit the bill perfectly…
(didn’t realize that was a thing but why wouldn’t it be? :slight_smile: )

yeah as @georgecollier said…

the graph computes it as a per cent automatically, you just pass in the number…

I’ve used this successfully:


Yeah - wow. Three iterations and got it working (first time, had it set to like 2px x 2px so couldn’t see it) then the Parent’s Domain’s DR :formatted as percentage - seems to turn it into text.

So just left it as Parent Domain’s DR - filled in the min and max values (0 and 100) - it did it.

Thanks to you all.

How can I thank everybody?

I’d still love a consultant coach to work with me on this as I build out (have a short list of six micro-saas’s so far)

Am I allowed to leave my email here?

Or just send me your contact details via private message if that’s ok.

Thanks again!

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Cake is good for me.


You could connect with me on

would be happy to collaborate sometime

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Just followed you, thx.

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I work as a Bubble developer and also as a mentor in here: Cristian Cisa | I'll help you build your MVP with Bubble
And you can look for other Bubble mentors in that same page.

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