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Need a bubble developer to create a marketplace (Amazon Clone)

I am looking to hire someone to integrate an Amazon marketplace clone within my website or modify the version that I have attempted to create which is lacking with personal satisfaction… I currently have the Stripe.js plugin and the Stripe Marketplace Express plugin. If possible, please offer the cheapest solutions to create this clone as the Zerocode Template is a little out of budget. I also have the professional plan and I will request to watch your progress through a zoom call.

The Marketplace should include your suggestions but also include these basic features:

  • Multiple sellers
    • Seller can create their store within the website
    • Seller can create and add products with multiple variations to their store. (ex. Clothing Sizes, colours, Shoe sizes).
    • Add Stock & inventory
    • Sellers can add their bank information
    • Store Edit Page, Store dashboard page, Order Page

-Stripe integration
- Seller can add products and variations through stripe
- Link Seller to Customer
- Payout Seller and take a percentage/ flat fee of each sale for our platform


  • Add to cart feature
  • Checkout page
  • Create customer
  • Add payment information
  • Page to list their transactions

If interested in this, please message me directly or email me at [email protected] with:

  • “Interested - Creating The Marketplace” as the subject
  • your name
  • Your time zone/ Country
  • Your hourly rate
  • Your experience with developing websites.

If you need further clarification, please contact the email above.

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Did I understand correctly?
Zeroqode template costs 189 usd. You want a custom solution for less than that? I’m sure I misunderstood somehow…


You can request a Amazon-like template here.

I want to help you in less cost dear. If you are interested plz contact.
And i do services for you in totally free :heart_eyes:

Hi @theblackcvrd! Let us suggest you Zeroqode Marketplace Like Amazon template which replicates Amazon’s main functionality :point_right: Marketo - Marketplace like Amazon Template Video Presentation by Zeroqode - YouTube

Live demo:

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case further questions arise :slightly_smiling_face:
Also here you can find detailed and significantly improved documentation for this template

Best regards,

Veronica Kornilova
Marketing Manager @ Zeroqode
#1 Bubble Publisher and Developer


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