Need a bubble expert for long term project

Hi, We’re a mission driven group of people working on our startup using bubble.

If you like our mission, you want to push the boundaries of what bubble can do, and are an expert on bubble, then we would like to explore the possibility of working together.

Our platform is already at an advanced stage (and fairly complex) thanks to a small but very capable team. The challenge we have is twofold, bubble bandwidth and deeper expertise. And so if you’ve got a lot of bubble knowledge and can figure out things about bubble others can’t, then let’s talk! We promise you, the problems we will bring won’t be banal, and won’t be straightforward to solve :slight_smile:, and you’re not going to be bored.

This is a paid gig.

Hi @bubble_dev

SparkDev is an experienced team, who can help you with your app.
I sent you a PM.

Best regards,

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Hey! I want to help you, pm me. :smiley:

Recently we build a NoCode Development company and now we are working with following principle: You just pay $1999 as a monthly fee and get your own NoCode Developer for a full time! And yes, we have a 7 Days Trial! :slight_smile:

All our developers are experienced professionals, and we even have our own Developer Academy. Just text me by email to schedule a Zoom meeting, we will discuss your project in details and I’ll tell you more about us!

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Thanks all. Will connect.

@AlexanderS We’re primarily looking for someone who can work with us in individual capacity.