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Need a developer that knows Azure that can connect Bubble to Microsoft Dataverse via API (Dynamics 365 CRM's database)

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to find a developer that knows Azure and can get the Microsoft Dataverse API (Dynamics 365) set up with Bubble. The documentation is here which shows how to do this in Postman. Set up a Postman environment (Microsoft Dataverse for Apps) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

The challenge I’m having is that this API is the type that uses a token that has to be refreshed every hour. If I generate the token in Postman I can use it in Bubble with the API plugin for an hour until it expires, but myself and the last developer I worked with couldn’t get it working to actually have Bubble refresh the token and use it.

Have an urgent need to get this working so hoping someone might be able to help. Please feel free to reply or DM me here as I’ll be happy to provide more details in terms of what I’m looking to do.


I suggest to approach @Jici for this one :grinning:. He should get it done :+1:t2: