MS Azure Integration

Hi all, hope you’re well.

I have the following requirements for my bubble app:

  1. When a user saves data, a workflow is triggered. I then need to send that data into an Azure SQL DB (I’m not a coder but I believe I need a POST api for this).
  2. If any new rows appear in this Azure SQL DB, I need to be able to then get that data into my bubble app (think this may be a REST api).
  3. Any updates to data in the Azure SQ DB should update the relevant record in my bubble app (so will need a uniqueId in order to know what record to update.
  4. Ability to integrate with the Azure Cognative Services API. My primary requirement in this area, at this stage, is to use facial recognition on my app (so the app can access camera to take picture of face, store the image, and then pass the image into the Azure SQL DB for processing by their cognative service. I then want another app to be able to take picture of a face and return the matching image from the Azure SQL DB - or maybe just return a ‘0’ (no match) or ‘1’ (match).

Any freelancers out there that could help deliver this?

Alternatively, if other bubblers are in need of something similar we could pool some finances and get something added to the bubble plugins set.

Thoughts welcome :smiley:


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Hey Rob
I’ve built something very similar using native tech and I’m working on an integration with bubble for all the db functions. maybe we can collaborate based on your use case but sounds almost identical to what I’ve created. Let me know

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Have you integrated Azure Face API with Bubble Successfully? I am trying to create a basic app to detect and recognise faces and use it as an in house attendance system.

Hi, sorry I’ve only just spotted this message!!

I’ve managed to get Face API working within Microsoft Azure, just using Microsoft Apps, but as of yet I’ve not had the need/demand to push for the development of this within a Bubble App. I think from what I’ve learnt about APIs in the last year or so though, I’d probably have a better chance now of cracking it now (my original post was a long time ago!), so happy to try and work together to get a Proof of Concept going.

I would certainly recommend checking out Pathfix, they have tools which handle the API authentication (and their support team are amazing!!). I think they have a Azure connection which they created on the back of a call I had with them, so if Pathfix can handle the API connection/auth, then you should be ok to then just focus on passing an API request to Face API and then handle the Response back.

I certainly want to crack this within a Bubble App as I like to learn things before I need them, and I will certainly need this at some point… so like I say, happy to try and get our heads together on it if you wish!