Need A Mobile App Development for Gamification Concept for Sales Enablement

I have a UI Design and basic wire-frame for a B2B sales enablement mobile app that I need to create a working demo for presentations to prospective investors.

It has gamification and AI features, requires CRM API integration for the top 5 CRMs and has a dashboard for om-boarding of records/user actions and reporting.

Looking for developers with gamification and database experience.

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Gamification and sales enablement, huh? Om-boarding?

Sounds risky to me.

Not based on the half dozen presentations I’ve given to decision makers and influencers at Fortune 500 companies, all who have hundreds of sales reps in the field.

On-boarding. Thanks for identifying my typo made in haste.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll take a look at your website.

Have you looked at Dropsource or any other native mobile development platform?

If you need mobile only as in iOS and Android apps, Bubble may not be the way to go.


Hi Carol,
I can assist you.
Sent you PM.
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Hi Carol,
Sounds interesting and definitely something that I would be able to help you out on.
You can reach me on
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Data will be collected by each sales rep that be stored and uploaded to the customer’s CRM. The best solution whether inside Bubble or outside of Bubble would be desired.

Thanks Vincent! No I have only just begun looking at platforms. Bubble was referred to me by a colleague yesterday, so I decided to post a message to gauge feedback and resources for development utilizing this platform. I’m not tied to any platform right now. I’ll take a look at Dropsource as well!

If you are just looking to create an investor demo, I think Bubble would be an easier route. If you use Dropsource, you’ll still need a backend like Bubble. 80% of what you develop will be applicable to Dropsource.


This is definitely something we could do given that we built a healthcare CRM completely on bubble with multiple external integrations.

If you could share details at or on skype @anilamesur, I would be happy to see how we could help you build this out.



Got some ideas Carolyn. I do think bubble absolutely makes sense if done right.

Just dropped you a PM in your inbox here on the forum with more details.