Need a plugin to turn JSON object string into Bubble objects (in a backend workflow)

Hi there,
I’ve explored the forums for a long while to find an existing plugin or approach and it seems to be a common issue, so I need a custom plugin built.

It’s fairly simple from a feature perspective.

I have an external site that sends data to a backend API workflow. It sends a few pieces of data including a JSON string which has an array of objects.

From within the backend workflow (no visual elements), I want to have that JSON string parsed and turned into Bubble objects in my DB.

Here’s sample JSON data of three objects that have 4 attributes:


Let me know if this is something you can assist with.

Cc @jared.gibb

Nice meeting you @oli1

Recently during the development of one of my plugins I came across a very similar issue to you and I was able to create a workaround. I found a solution to this problem and I am confident I can create a custom plugin for you. I’ve sent you a message here on the forums, or you can email me here at

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Hey @oli1 you likely don’t need a plugin for this. It seems like you could just use the data api’s bulk creation endpoint to get this done.

Check this out: Data API - Bubble Docs


What Collins said

oh wow, okay lemme try that. thank you!

Looks like it would use up a lot of capacity, which won’t be ideal for the specific use case, but it’s great to know about this.

I’ve had the work done and all Is sorted now. Thanks for the help and advice everyone.


What did you do

@lindsay_knowcode hped me out with a couple hours of consulting to build a plugin.
Was awesome.

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Which is that plugin you are talkign about? I have the same requirement of converting json string into bubble object and storing it in custom state.

It was a custom plugin specifically for my use case, not a publicly available plugin.

Is there any other work around to achieve this? As i have custom state which is of API data type and that state is data source for a repeating group. But when i want to add new object into that custom state , it not working. I’m creating a JSON of object.
Can you help me with this?

I think your best bet is to do what I did and pay someone to do it for you. It was over my head.

Lindsay was excellent and it was only a couple of hours work.

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