Need an external dabase tip


We are reaching the limit of our Bubble database.

Are there any success stories moving data outside of Bubble AND achieving better load speed and performance?

Thinking between Xano, MongoDB & BigQuery… Afraid of getting the same speed upon migration or worse.

If you are a developer I would move to a traditional db: postgres, mysql, mssql. If you want to do with a document db then MongoDB, Firebase, or Cosmos DB. If you aren’t a developer go with Xano or some other low/no code solution

There are many people using external databases with a Bubble front-end successfully. I am of the opinion that this is the optimal setup once you get past MVP and generating revenue.

But would my app become slower if I migrate? Would my data load slower?

Anything off platform is of course going to incur some additional delay in data load times. How much is dependent upon implementation specific details. If done properly, the delays can be minimized or mitigated.

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