Need Bubble developer to help build a photo customisation web tool

I would like to create a website that people can use to customise their photos taken at corporate events, weddings, graduations, birthday parties etc. It will also have a pro version, which users can upgrade to using Stripe integration.

Users should be able upload photos and customise them using a set of predefined themes and filters. Some of the themes will be locked and only available for pro members.

In addition, some of the filters will be enabled depending on the theme chosen. Users should then be able to download a certain number of their customised photos, with unrestricted downloads only available for pro members. All photos that are downloaded using the free version, will be watermarked.

Here is a link to the Figma prototype (its still a work-in-progress):

I’ve sent DM.

@aristos.michaelides we can help. Sending you a PM

Hi @aristos.michaelides,

Are you still looking for help? I sent you a DM

Let’s connect.

Hi @aristos.michaelides

I’ve just sent you a DM, if you still need help, I’m open and fully ready to help you with this job!

Alex Uniwaid team