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Need direction on Yelp style search engine results

Hey community! Can someone give me some direction to how do this or maybe point me to a forum post that covers this? I tried searching past posts with no success. Thanks!

I’m creating a YELP style app. I’m wondering how I can have dynamic search results show up in google. Ex result in google: Coffees shops in Austin, TX.

Then the user comes to my app and the page dynamically shows results based on the info coming from google.

I don’t need help dynamically showing the info once in the app, just how to get google to dynamically show parameters based on their search. Example parameters: coffees shop, austin, tx.


I found a few posts that address this, but still a little confused:


  1. How to index on google dynamic data page (products / listings etc.)

A little clarification:

I have a Yelp style app where I need google to show results, such as: Sushi in Austin, TX. Then it would link to a dynamic page on my app that would show Sushi options in Austin, TX.

The page will be dynamically produced based on url parameters, such as:

For google to index and show these results, would the solution be for me to create a page with the link/url for each possible scenario?
Example, a page with links listed like:


Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks community!

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