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Google indexing dynamic pages


I have many items as data type “ITEM”, then a dynamic page with “type of content”= “ITEM”.

will google search, generate and index all the possible pages with all the possible ITEMs?


Yes, as long as you provide the links for it to follow on a page somewhere.

Ah ok I understand! And what do you think could be a way to have the “ALLTHELINKS” page splitted in more pages? I will have something like 500.000 different Items, making one page with this amount of links I don’t think is a good Idea…


I would follow the amazon/tripadvisor approach and try to create buckets for all those items based on what category they fall into - example - electronic devices put 10k items there and tag them further into smaller categories then you can put these category pages on your sitemap for google to follow. Then on your SEO bubble element you can also put in these category tags.

For the app I’m building this is the approach I’m following as all lowest level pages are dynamically built but they roll up to higher level category pages which contain links to the lower level dynamically built pages.

For mine it looks like Themes > Industries > Companies

For yours you might want to run your data through a data tagging api to auto create tags that you can roll up your low level entities into.

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Thanks for your advice John but the Items are really all of the same category… I was thinking to put like 500 elements of the list on a page and then a link to go to next page and there the following 500 elements…google should follow them right? but I don’t know very well how to structure this pages to be “autogenerated”…

any Idea?

I am in the same boat as you with thousands of pages needed. It would be a real plus if we could have dynamically created pages exposed in the sitemap file, along with a cleaner more structured URL.

I know that @emmanuel has suggested that this be something that is sponsorable but I still have not heard back on this.

I think i answered somewhere that we can look at this in a few weeks, and that it is not a small project, so it’d be a significant budget (in the thousands).

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Ah definitely a different problem then.
What kind of items are you dealing with?

Movies, but they are entered by the users, I don’t want to ask them to categorize it; I just need the movie name

I would then look to attach some sort of meta data in the database that lets you categorize it. For example maybe release date is easy and you can then make your site map organized by release month/year etc…

There seems to be alot of api that could you investigate to run your data through to do this:

I came out with something like this

give it some seconds to load…
could something like this work?

That looks good to me as I would expect google to just follow the click link. But maybe someone else knows differently.

On each page you would probably want to dynamically update the SEO in bubble for that page with the movie titles that show on that page as well.

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