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Need freelancer to wrap up music nft streaming app I have mostly done

Here’s the two links, which describes the project. It’s not fully done, but is enough to know what is going on. Then the app link is

I’m building a music streaming, nft marketplace for musicians. I have gotten pretty good at bubble over the couple years I’ve been building this but am getting too busy with other aspects of the business. I need to hire someone for probably around 40 hours or so to finish the integration of an nft marketplace bubble plugin as well as finish some of the functionality aspects that I have started but just don’t have time to finish.
Hope to hear back. Let me know you’re rates and availability. Thank you for your time!

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I hope you are doing great.
I saw your post this morning about you need some help with the NFT streaming app.
It would be great if I could help in any way possible.
Looking forward to connecting and understanding your requirements in more depth.
Email- [email protected]

Hey there. What kind of experience do you have and what are your rates? Thank you.

Thanks for your response.

I have 5+ years of experience it would be great you can share your requirements so that I would analyze your requirement in more detail.

Will quote accordingly.

Kindly share your contact details

Great job Clay! Well, I would suggest that you also pay attention to the SEO Setup of the site which will do wonders for you and your clients. For that feel free to PM. All the best :+1: