Need freelancer - UX Design + Site aesthetic/appearance

Hi all!

I recently had a new niche job platform built by an agency. It’s a base build with the core functionality requirements that I needed. However, the UX design, site aesthetic and overall user workflows need some refinement. I’m looking to hire an hourly freelancer to help me with the following:

  • Test site and develop a plan to improve the UX experience to be reviewed with me
  • Incorporate my company branding through the site - font + color palette + logo
  • Add high quality content in the form of photos/video’s where necessary (I have a library of content started)
  • Improve the overall site aesthetic to be consistent across all pages - buttons, headers, footers, shading, coloring, page layout, etc.

A portfolio of completed work or other sites you may have worked on is highly encouraged but not a limiting factor.



Hi Nick,
I could surely assist you. Please share your email.

Fiver is a great place to look for one!

@nkhofer Hi, do you have budget and timeframe?

I’d like to keep it in the $500-$750 range if possible. I know that the project cost could change once the scope is determined and agreed upon but that general range is where I’d like to be. Does that seem feasible based on your rates?

The time frame would like be the month of July with completion by early August.

What are your rates and can you send me examples of work you’ve done?