Need help about Importing everything from one site to another site

I developed my site on a free-plan, Recently, they created another app and they immediately upgraded the new app instead of upgrading the old one. I am obliged to take everything from the old non-upgraded app to that new empty upgraded app. How can I tackle it. Need your help. It’s urgent. Give me ideas I will appreciate.

Who are ‘they’?..

And why are you obliged to do that?

Can’t ‘they’ just delete the new app and upgrade the existing one?

If not, then you’ll just have to rebuild the entire app (which is stupid, obviously - although you can copy and paste pages, datatypes, option sets etc from one app to another if you really have no choice, which will make things slight easier).

Then you’ll have to transfer all your data (if you have any) from the old app to the new one.

Thanks for help. Copying and paste also can take much time. Is it possible that they can cancel the upgrade plan and delete the new and we upgrade the old one? Does bubble accept canceling the plan?

Yes, just delete the new app.

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