Need Help API for vending machines

Hi Bubble community,

I am trying to integrate vending machines, basically the user scans a QR on the machine then they come to my app they pay and receive the product from the machine.

I am speaking with the machine manufacturers about the API and it gets really tricky. Basically you set 2 URL on the machine configuratios (1 for the server addres and 1 for the generation of the QR code)

Basically this is the documentation:

After the commodity being chosen, th e QR code will be generated
2. a fter QR code being scanned. System (customer s own application will jump to payment page and the payment being
3. T he server terminal shall take control of the commodity delivery remotely via the Poll ing interface (Funcode = 4000).
4. A fter the commodity b eing delivered, The machine will report the delivery results via the interface(Funcode = 5000).

2.Interface of Remote control of Commodity Delivery.
After commodity being chosen, choose the consumption bonus points for payment, the interface shall be activated after scanned the QR code of membership ID.

Response Method
When Msg type is ‘0’, meaning the server taking control of VMC commodity
The data shall be returned as below:

So basically the vending machine will constanctly poll the server via the URL provided. (my server address)

Does anyone know how to do this or get data on how to do this? i ws expecting a URL where i could POST a message but that is not the case…

Thanks in advance it would really save me if you could help.

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