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Need help - Automatic update product to database form csv

Hello, I making marketplace where my client sell product other company. Client was got product list in csv file. Product file is automatic upload once a week on ftp server.

My question is.
Is a solution to automatic get this file and upload to bubble db?

Hey Sebastian,

These are some options I have explored in the past or know of:

  1. use a scheduled backend workflow together with action “Upload data as CVS”, just be aware of the limitation. On the professional plan only 200 records can be uploaded at once. But maybe it is an option for you to generate multiple CSV-files (or tabs) with < 200 records if needed.
  2. There is the plugin “FTP plugin”, just make sure to contact the builder or test it to verify it works with your FTP-server software.
  3. If it is an option, instead of using a FTP-server, upload the file to one of the cloud providers (Amazon/Google Drive/Wasabi etc.), for those there are plugins.
  4. If you know a little Javascript/Python/etc. you can relatively easy build a script to extract the info from the CSV and send this data to Bubble through an API in order to get the data to Bubble and process it.
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Thanks, extremely useful!