[Need Help] Best way of setting URL parameters on page load

Hi, I am trying to get my page to show specific information on page load, but failing dismally.

On page load, I set its custom state.

Based on that, I then set its URL parameters -f there is a current session, one parameter, if not, another, etc.

Based on that state, I have different countdown timers operating.

Based on whether certain timers have zero seconds left on them, the page reloads with other URL parameters.

However, I can’t seem to get this to work. when I run the page step by step, it always seems to go straight to the end, and it claims that it can’t seem the amount on the countdowns.

Is there a better way of setting this up? It seems incredibly complicated, I feel sure there must be an easier way…

Is there a reason why you’re not triggering the workflows when the countdown finishes?

If you’re using the countdown plugin, you should be able to “go to page” when a countdown ends

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When I’m setting my nav for the page, via url parameters, I always set a conditional

(Only when get x from page url is not empty)

For me, I don’t want it to set the nav when the url is empty, as that will get in the way of the “default state”

Also, unless your app is extremely lightweight, I wouldn’t use “do every 1 second” unless I had a gun pointed at me. Maybe if this app is web only and not meant to be used on mobile.

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This instruction sets the page state date/time only, but does make it difficult to undersand what is happening in the debugger…

I do use this, but it isn’t working,

and on page load (i.e. if the user is coming back to the app after shutting the page down) I want it to go to a specific point based on the url parameter. …

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