How to add param in url without triggering "Page is loaded" workflows

I attempted to add URL parameters using the ‘Go to page’ action, and although it doesn’t reload the page content but it triggers the ‘Page is loaded’ workflow each time I use “Go to page” to current page. How can I achieve the same without triggering the ‘Page is loaded’ workflow?

Also send a parameter called “stopReload=1”.

And in your “On Page Load” event you can insert a Only When condition, making this workflow to be triggered ONLY WHEN the parameter “stopReload” is not 1.

Are there any hidden parameter methods? Because the ‘stopReload’ parameter will always be visible, right? Additionally, when it reverts to a URL with no parameters, it looks like an annoying parameter element in the URL and lacks a standardized appearance.

No :sweat_smile:

What this solution will do is add a parameter in your URL (can be any parameter) when you click to go to this same page. Doing this you can now check if this parameter exists in your URL.

If the parameter exists, then you should not trigger the “On page load” event.

The way to do this is inserting a condition in the “Only When” field of your “On page load” event.

Only When Get Data from URL is not 1

Yes, I understand the solution you provided. But I felt a bit uncomfortable with the param always being visible after the first use of ‘go to page’ that’s why I asked, Thank you for the clear explanation.

Other solution is to use cookies. There are some plugins that allow you to write and read them…

I completely forgot about the state. I can use the state value, and the state value won’t change if we request the same page using the ‘go to page’ action. thank god.