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Need help building my App

I am currently trying to build a app and need help with starting and building it.

What are you trying to build? How far are you, and what are you stuck on? What’s your budget for development? The more information you can provide, the better we can help!

I know how I want my app to be but not exactly how to create it. I just have the basic items that are shown in the tutorials on the bubble app. Far a budget i’m not sure. I have so many questions about the process and the cost to build an app.
I want my app to have the same set up like facebook: the timeline, videos, photos, the live feature,emoji’s with a mixture of features from instagram like filter,boomerang and snap chats filters

I’m a serial entrepreneur and my advice is this:

If it’s your first rodeo, then build your app incrementally. Figure out what you think might be the minimum viable feature set to get people to use your product (or better yet, get customers to pay for it). Release that feature set, get feedback from users/customers, and incrementally add new features. This way, you get customers and users as quickly as possible (and don’t overbuild your first version which is a HUGE mistake and also highly prevalent among first time entrepreneurs).

The big lesson learned by most first time founders is that startups can’t win by having more features. And, you never end up building all of things you think you want up front. Usually only 10-25% of it.

So, start small. Start with the pieces that solve a customer problem better than anyone else. Be highly focused on that one problem. Release something and get customers/users to use it provide feedback. And then incrementally build new features components. After building the first bit, you’ll learn so much that will help you build the next portions in ways that are better for users and you’ll have a much better sense for how much time it takes, etc.

Launching the product is not the end of the entrepreneurial journey, but instead the beginning. So launch quickly.

And, sometimes the very best place to start with that is actually designing wireframes that you can put in front of customers to get their feedback. The quicker you can learn what customers want (not hypothesize in your head, but actual real-world feedback from customers about what they want) then the better you’re doing. And, customer’s can’t always tell you what they want. Sometimes they have to see it to say “yes” that’s it, or no it’s not.

Best of luck!