Questions to ask when validating your app idea

Hi everyone!

I have a new video I want to share with you, but first, a little context…

When we work with clients, we try to help them understand the smallest amount of work they can do that will achieve the biggest possible results…

We teach them to start small with slimmed-down features, but to produce big results like having an actual functioning product they can use and test.

Now, most people approach it the opposite way…

They start BIG…

They build tons of features, spend way too long perfecting the design, and have trouble ever launching because they feel like they need just one more feature before they can do so…

And then?

They get small results…

They never stop to test and get feedback in the initial stages, so they never truly understand what users actually want (and what they don’t).

In other words, they go off their “gut.”

As a result, they often put in a ton of work, time, and money, and never see a return down the road.

In the new video I want to share, you’ll learn 4 critical questions to ask yourself before you start building your app so you can move forward with specific, contained steps and get big results, versus taking lots of big steps first, and getting small results.

Approaching the development of your app this way can seem counterintuitive at first, but once you understand these questions, you’ll see why it can help you execute an actionable, results-driven development plan.

Here’s the link to check out the video :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone!


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