Need help calculating a total price depending a check in and check out date


Can you please help to know if I can integrate Bubble to my NoCode Web (Webflow-Airtable-Integromat).

My website is for house rentals similar to Airbnb.
I need to display for a User who selected a check-in date and check-out date, the total price of the whole stay taking into account the price per night (or per week).

For example, the user selects Saturday 3rd April to Saturday 10 April for a house with a price of 3,500€ per week or 500€ per night, the App will be able to display " Total Price : 3,500€ for 7 nights". The total price is referring to the database taking the correct price for a selected week or even calculating the price taking into account the price per night.

Can I do that with Bubble?

Many thanks !!!


Absolutely, bubble is a one stop shop when it comes to this sort of application.

You would run a workflow to count the days and to determine if the price should be daily or weekly to determine a total. lets say a week was the cost of 6 nights (3000€/week, @500€/night) you can see how many days there are between the start and end dates.

If you have a booking for 18 nights
18/7 = 2.571 to give you the whole weeks
2.571 rounded down = 2 = 2 whole weeks @3000€/week = 6000€
18-14days (2weeks) = 4 = 4 days @300€/day = 1200€

total = 7200€

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