Change Things temporary - Doable or to tricky?

Hi everyone!

I’m very new to but I already think it’s awesome!

I get stuck in the following scenario:

Users can set up and edit their own products (everything’s working here).
I want to provide a feature, where there can define multiple conditions based on date/time.

Example 1: Every Monday from 8:00 to 11:00 this product’s price is set from 10$ to 8$

Example 2: Every Friday from 8:00 to Saturday 20:00 this product isn’t shown at the shop

Example 3: On 24th, December 2019 this product’s price is set from 10$ to 12$

and so on…

Have a look at my poorly designed UI :laughing: - I hope this gives you a better understanding.

I find some hints that this would require API Workflows which costs some bucks.

My Questions are:

  1. Is there any option to “experiment” with these API workflows before paying? (No heavy load at this point, just to make sure it’s working)

  2. Is this whole concept even achievable natively in Bubble?

  3. If yes, what do you think performance-wise? I have no experience in this but I can image, that 2.000 products with 3 conditions changes each (weekly), would be a decent capacity usage.

I thank you so much for your thoughts on this!

Have a great day :raised_hands:



Is this integrating with ecommerce? I’ve created a repricer for Shopify that does this sort of thing. If this is all native to Bubble, scheduling API workflows will be very useful. So it will work, but you’ll need to pay.