Need help (can be paid) for plugin or workaround that detects cursor position on editor and truncate from end a certain amount of characters

i need help for a plugin or workaround that will detect cursor position and truncate to end certain amount of characters above it.

and add typewriter effect to text or instead it can hightlight the output text with a background color that disappears after a few seconds.

A changing text label with typewriter effect?

so i have an app text editor that can extend text. But I have to first manually select text/highlight above it( I am using text selection plugin for it to know the value of the selected text)

and then insert at cursor position plugin to insert text where the cursor is.

So what I want to happen is that I dont need to manually select text. Maybe a plugin that will automatically detect cursor position and get the values of above text at maybe around 6000 characters above.

and then the output text on it after the cursor position have some sort of typewriter effect or bg color effect. Right not the generated text just pops out on the editor and its difficult to track

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