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NEED HELP Compare if keywords (thing's field's list) appear in a text (other thing's field) and return those keywords

Hello everyone,

I had an issue I’m not able to resolve…

To illustrate it :
I have a list with a lot of items in it which are exhaustive fruit’s names (banana, apple, orange,…)
I have another field which is a text, a recipe.

I want to create a repeating group that show the fruits’ names present in a particular recipe’s text.

I tried to to create a repeating group with list of fruits names as a source. And then to filtered them through a constraint like “The recipe text CONTAINS this text”.

Unfortunately, in the repeating group, I have ‘ban’, ‘bana’, banan’, banana, ap, app,…etc"

Any ideas how I can resolve it?

Thanks a lot!


Any thoughts? :grin:

bump :sweat:

I think an example may be useful.

So you have a recipe text like …

“Take a ripe banana and an appropriately green apple”.

And then you want to search through that to see if it matches a list like

ban, bana, banan, banana, ap, app

So multiple lengths with multiple matches ?

I think what you will need to do is to split out the words (there will be an API for this).

And then do a search against those keywords, but use the trick of truncating the word to the length of what you are searching.

So “ban” would only look at the first 3 characters in your split out word list.

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Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your reply.

My issue is that, for now, I managed to return the match in the form of ban,banana,ap,app,apple…

But I don’t want this, I would like to have a return with only the right name of the fruit ; banana, apple…

Maybe I’ll try your trick with truncating the search results…

Unfortunately, not much…

I think about another strategy, especially because my list of words counts thousands of terms…

I’m wondering about an API where I can point to a CSV containing all my terms and to the text to be analyzed, and the API returns the terms present both in the CSV and in the text.

Or, simplier, an API that returns expressions present in both text (my list and the text to be analyzed) ?

By chance, is any of you have heard about such an API somewhere?

Thanks a lot!

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