Searching a list through key words - AND vs. OR ? Best Operator to use help!

Hey all,

Trying to return search results in a repeating group based on “OR” logic instead of “AND”

I have a flow on my site that allows users to select from a check-list of different product types and it returns a search of Products that match the items in the checklist.

The flow is simple - when a check box is clicked - that selection’s text is added to a repeating group of texts. This stores all the search terms. Then I have a repeating group that Does a Search for any products whose description contains keywords in the Repeating Group of Texts (stored list).

However, it’s giving me a one for one result. For example - if I select Product Type 1 and Product Type 2 in the checklist… it returns a search for results that ONLY have Product Type 1 and Type 2 in the description.

I would like to figure out how I can return a search that results in products that have Product Type 1 OR Product Type 2.

I’m currently using “Search for keywords…” as my operator, and attempted to use all other operators but no luck.

Any ideas??

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