Sub Menu Dropdown / Expanding

Hi does someone know how do this ?
Basically a Floating Group menu using Repeating Groups then Sub Menu based on the current cell hovered

I don’t think this is possible with bubble OOTB, but you can easily achieve it with a custom HTML frame.

As far as I know there is no way to get the information out of a hovered element. (even with the new “Mouse and Keyboard Interactions” plugin you can’t get info from an element inside a RPG)

Thanks for contributing.
It is possible, I’ve seen it done but i just don’t know how.
I can see someone has already solved this & posted but the links are outdated and no longer work.
If I had a time machine I’d be going back to 2019 ( and getting a COVID 19 shot :wink: )

The solution involves using a Repeating Group then another “sub” Repeating Group within or referenced to the main group but I cant quite get it right.

Create a separate group for each submenu. Then in workflow, use ‘Do when’ every time the menu option is hovered, show the applicable group with the submenu and hide the others. You’ll do this for each menu/submenu.

Thanks, good idea but that only allows me to make a “static” menu / sub menu.
I have the Parent table displaying in the Main Repeating Group then I want the Child table to be displayed in the Sub Repeating Group only for the records matching the Parent.
If the tables are updated then the menus should be displaying dynamic data.


I started looking into this as well and found this thread - did you find a bubble based solution for this?