Need Help Creating a Quote Output

Hi guys, new to Bubble (no coding experience at all).

I’m trying to create a question list for a sales page, which at the end spits out an automated quote based off the responses to the questions.

There 4 different questions (each with 4 different potential drop-down responses).

Each response needs to have a set value assigned to it so that there can be an automated calculation at the end.

E.g. Question 1

Question: When is the submission deadline?

**(drop down list) **

Under 1 Week = +£1000

**1-2 weeks = +£750 **

2-3 weeks = +£500

3 weeks + = +£250

I’ve created the Questions and the drop downs, now I need to work out a way to configure the database (I have zero experience of this).

Any pointers to any videos I could look at? I’ve tried searching, but I’m not quite sure what I’m searching for and getting information that isn’t quite working for me.

Thanks and I hope this makes sense!


You can use option sets for questions and answers. You can learn here.


Thank you!

I have a demo of what you need, see the link below. Ignore the big blue button and red square, what you need is the dropdown logic. You’ll notice that when a selection is made from the dropdown, a second dropdown appears with choices relevant to the first ‘primary’ drop downs choice. As @kazimdgoni said, this is done with option sets. Let me know if you need more help.

Not sure that’s quite what I’m looking for? But thank you!

I basically need a back-end algorithm that spits out a given £value based off answers given in a questionnaire.

OK I have done it so it ‘spits out’ an answer;

Thanks Darren, really appreciate the help.

I’ve managed to connect a ‘value’ to each drop down answer now - which should help with creating a product of the values for the quote.

However, in my back-end I’m seeing this once populated… (any idea what I’ve done wrong here? I’d ideally like all the information on one line. All this data should be from one user answering the questions (and therefore should be on one line)

How is your database set up? If you want you can clone your app, make the clone editable and post the link here and I can set it up. Don’t post a link to your main app, only a clone.