How to create a survey and calculate score of answers

Hello everyone,

I am new to Bubble so please bear with me. So I want to create a survey with multiple choice answers to the questions. Every answer represents a certain numerical value. At the end, I want to add up all the values to a total numerical value. This value will point to a prepared text in the database and display it to the user.

At this point, I am having trouble as how to go about it, and I would love to get some help in terms of how to set up the database and do the calculations.

I understand you are new to bubble and bubble can have a very steep learning curve for some so I would suggest that you start reading and watching videos while trying to build it so you can feel more at ease later on.
I even found some videos that show you exactly what you want to do but before going there it’s best if you read the basics of how works from the academy

Hi simosmik, Thank you for responding. I have read and watched a ton of videos. Also, I searched for videos about this topic but could not find any. Could you send me the link(s) to the videos you are referring to?
Thank you

Here is one

and here is another one

Again start with the basics and start little by little. You don’t need to think and do everything in advance. Just start simple by creating a page with a questionnaire. You can then start thinking about the rest

Thank you! Il really appreciate it!

Hi there, did you manage to get far with this? I had seen both of those tutorials online and didn’t think they helped that much. I, like you, want to create a question system of hard coded questions that have multiple choice answers. Each answer has a different value that accumulates to give an overall value once all questions are complete.

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