Need help creating a repeating group in a repeating group


I’m brand new to Bubble and am trying to create a repeating group that:

  1. first reference unique golf courses (i.e., in this case course North and course South) that belong to a single golf club… and,
  2. reference each unique track (i.e., choices include Front Nine, Back Nine, Full Eighteen) that belong to each unique golf course.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

In the DB I created two data types (Courses and Tracks) and entered data for both. I then assigned each “Track” to each “Course”. So the North course has an ‘Eighteen’ hole track, a ‘Front Nine’ track and, a ‘Back Nine’ track. Same for South course.

What I want to accomplish is to present my user with an accordion effect in the interface. When my user:

  1. clicks on the “View Course” button, a repeating group of courses appears ( FYI… ultimately this repeating group will itself be contained in a collapsable group).
  2. Within each course there is a “View Tracks” button. When clicked, all of the tracks associated to this unique course appear.

I’ve set my app to “anyone can view”. Here’s the link:

Thanks for any help.

Well, I figured it out after all. Note the following:

  1. I replaced the “Course” button with an icon that kicks off the workflow to display individual courses.
  2. Instead of having a “Tracks” button, I just made the course name field a toggle, which then kicks off the workflow that either shows or hides the tracks.

The only issue I’m still having is this:

When I toggle off the tracks, the repeating group row itself does not shrink to its original size. This is especially evident when I set the “Repeating Group Tracks” to display values in a single column. To minimize this effect, I’ve set my “Repeating Group Tracks” to display data across multiple columns. I’ve researched this issue and found others who have experienced the same problem. Here’s the link:

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