Repeating Group Only Showing First 3 Returns

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I have had an issue since the beggining when building my app and figured was a simple thing to fix so put it off, but looking through forum, havent come across the issue yet.

I have a repeating group that is filtered by a dropdown menu. Initially, the repeating group (even though there is room) only displays the first 3 records. The second I touch the scroll bar, more display and all the records are there, just not initially.

If I change the dropdown menu, which changes filter of repeating group and then go back to original category, it continues to show more than 3, but only because I previously touched the scroll bar.

Problem is there is nothing to notify or indicate to the user that there are additional rows not view-able yet until they scroll.

To be clear, I am not talking about waiting for records to load that are outside the view-able window of the repeating group. I am talking about open white space where it should display the records. See two screenshots attached. The difference between top and bottom is me just clicking (not even scrolling) on scroll bar.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



Does anybody have any suggestions on this? Am I the only one encountering this?

Sure. Not sure how much this will help, as there are quite a bit of hidden calculation fields but what I have is an RG that has a Group within the row that is set to hidden. RG only shows first row unless expand button is clicked, which makes the Group visible and expands the row in the RG.

Having a difficult time articulating the specific issue so if this helps, here is a quick explanation video.

Thanks Hikaru. I will give that a try. There are other work arounds here like using Full List just curious why it was acting this way in event I run into it again. Thanks for your help

This is something I’ve run into before that you have to craft around. It’s mainly happening because the original design of the RG is set to two rows only. With the Vertical Scroll (and Ext. Vertical Scroll), Bubble will “pad” the list by loading an item or two more than your original design to anticipate scrolling (see bullet 2 here: Performance Q&A guide)

So, Bubble thinks you “just” want two rows, so it’ll just do that plus another 1 or 2 for padding regardless of the data source having more items.

To display more and keep the vertical scroll, you’ll just need to expand the height of the repeating group or, as previously suggested, switch to a different RG layout like Full List. With Full List, you can at least control how many are shown by doing “Search for X :items until #”

Hope that helps.

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Sorry for no response. When I initially posted, that is exactly what I did. Moved to Full List and that took care of the issue so did not check back here. However, on a different RG I am having the same problem but that one is already set to Full List. What you state definitely makes sense. I will try the “search for” suggestion above and let you know.

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