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NEED HELP - Creating adjustable prices

What i’m building has a client and coach side. What i’m having trouble with is the coach side. I need the coach to be able to create their own prices and be able to change them whenever.

The coaches have (6) sessions they can offer - think of these as A,B,C,D,E&F. They need to be able to set a price to each session they want to offer and be able to change that rate whenever they please. This also has to be viewed on the client side.

The trouble i’m having is creating the databases so I can get the dynamic text to talk correctly. How do I get two different databases to talk to each other as well? I’m so confused!!!

This is the coach profile page sessions where I set up the sessions they want to choose and the rate for that session. Can this concept work?
Screenshot 2022-02-01 1.49.28 PM

Also, this information needs to pull onto a calendar on both the client and coach side. The client side will look like this when they want to book a session:

Any and all help will be much appreciated!!!

sounds like you should have a data type “Session” that includes fields such as name, date, price etc… The coach should have a field “Sessions” which is a list of “Session”. In this way it will be easier to display each coaches session in a repeating group and change its data by need

Will this work say:

coach wants to change their rate from $35 to $60. Do I make the field a “number” choice and whatever they put in there will stay until they update it?

It can work. Just enable auto binding on the price field (and make the necessary privacy rules)


Can i reach out to you personally for some assistance. I’ve tried to employ several people to complete this web app. for me and it ultimately wasn’t getting done. I need someone to basically wrap up this current issue, complete my messaging system, complete my calendar system and a couple other small tasks.

Sure, DM me :slight_smile:

Cool! How do i do that? hahahaha.

i’m going to apologize in advance. I have little to no knowledge in this space so any and all guidance is appreciated.